Jeanne Grunert


Be who you are, and be that well.

Jeanne Grunert is a writer,  compassionate lifestyle advocate, and Daughter of St. Francis de Sales. Originally from the Long Island/New York City area, Jeanne moved to rural Virginia in 2007 and lives on a 17-acre farm, Seven Oaks, where she and her husband collect stray cats, argue over the television remote, and chase deer away from the fruit and vegetable gardens.

Jeanne began her writing career in her teens by winning the Brockport Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers contest. She studied writing with Nebula Award winners Nancy Kress and Stephen Donaldson and dreamed of penning a best-selling book. During her teens and 20s, she worked by day as an advertising copywriter, wrote short stories at night, and published magazine articles in equestrian and model horse magazines.

She went on to build a successful career as both a freelance writer and marketing manager and has held leadership positions at McGraw-Hill, The College Board, and Teachers College Columbia University. A revert to the Catholic faith, Jeanne found the teachings of St. Francis de Sales in 2009 – or the gentle saint found her, as the case may be – and in 2017, she dedicated her life as a lay Daughter of St. Francis de Sales, living her vocation as a married woman while dedicating her heart to “Live, Jesus!” and the teachings of the Doctor of the Church.

A member of St. Theresa Parish in Farmville, Virginia, Jeanne continues working full time as a marketing manager while writing genre-bending fiction in the spirit of St. Francis de Sales. Her first novel, I Believe You, received rave reviews, and she has published several novellas and a collection of short stories. Jeanne’s work is available for purchase from Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions.


Purchase Jeanne’s Books

Available in paperback and Kindle editions at Amazon.com

Paperbacks are also available through Baine’s Books & Coffee in Appomattox, Virginia.


Book 2 of the Majek Family Mysteries










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