A little over a decade ago, I took a huge leap of faith.

I quit my fast-track executive position in New York City.

I packed up my car with the important things – my husband, my 18 year old cat, my precious pillow and my coffee maker- and I left an apartment in Huntington, Long Island (population 206,202) for a house on a seventeen acre farm in Prospect, Virginia (population 1,800).

It is here, at Seven Oaks Farm, that I’ve built my life instead of just making a living.

It is here I grew into a full time, freelance writer.

Even though I may have left Long Island’s Gold Coast, it never left me. The places you call home for a long time become part of your DNA, part of your blood, body and soul. These are the places that haunt my fiction. The bars along Jericho Turnpike, the decaying mansion dotting the Long Island sound, the office parks of Mitchell Field.

I write these places into my stories, and lay to rest my own ghosts while resurrecting new ones just for your reading pleasure.

About Writer Jeanne Grunert

This is the boring, official bio you can use if you’re writing about my works.

Jeanne Grunert is a full time freelance writer and marketing consultant living and working in Virginia. Prior to launching her freelance career, Jeanne held executive positions with McGraw-Hill, Teachers College Columbia University, The College Board and a variety of companies in the education, publishing, financial services and retail sectors. She holds an M.S. in Direct Marketing, and M.A. in Writing, and advanced certifications in Pre-MBA fundamentals, Adult Education, and Retail Management. Jeanne is also a certified Master Gardener and a passionate organic gardener who grows vegetables, fruit and herbs on her farm, Seven Oaks.  She shares her life with her husband and best friend, John, and seven rescued cats.


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