About Writer Jeanne Grunert

Whether you’ve found me through my novels or through a bylined article you’ve read online, I’m glad you’re here.

I began writing at age 12 and won the Brockport Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Competition with my short story, “Runaway Boys,” when I was just 14 years old. As a teenager and young adult, I published personal essays and magazine articles.

My first professional writing job was as a copywriter for the local yellow pages. I wrote advertising copy and radio scripts and learned the unique and exciting skill of proofreading telephone books. I also made a lot of great friends at Yellow Book and have wonderful memories of my time there.

After leaving copywriting, I became a marketing manager, then director of marketing, for companies in the New York City area. I led marketing for groups at McGraw-Hill, Columbia University, The College Board, and other companies in the financial services, retail, and publishing industries.

In 2007, fed up with the rat race and three hours spent on mass transit each day, I quit my job and sold my house. My family and I moved onto a 17 acre farm in rural Virginia outside of a town called Farmville (yes, there really is such a town.) Thanks to the miracle of the internet, I now work from my fully-equipped home office. I continue to provide expert content marketing writing services for global marketing agencies, brands, and publishers. I ghostwrite for C-level executives and I blog for companies in the management consulting, technology, and related industries.

My books are available on Amazon

And yes, in my spare time, I write novels…page-turning mystery novels filled with colorful characters and sprinkled with paranormal elements.

If you’re looking to hire me as a freelance content marketing writer, please visit my business website, Seven Oaks Consulting, where you can read more about my background, education, and experience, and read a lot of samples of my work.

If you wish to buy my books, they are available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

A few random facts about me…

  • I love vanilla and generally dislike chocolate, except for Godiva and Cadbury.
  • I’m passionate about nature, cats, and German shepherds, and usually have either a cat on my desk or a dog sprawled on my foot (or both) while I work.
  • I’m a superb mimic, which makes it easy for me to match a client’s tone, voice, and inflection when I ghostwrite.
  • I’m a compassionate lifestyle advocate and a Daughter of St. Francis de Sales. He’s the patron saint of writers. Salesians (that’s what we’re called) are Catholics called to live a deeply spiritual life of charity, gentleness, kindness, and compassion.

It’s a wonderful life…