Night Songs

Night Songs On Hold

...thank you, content thieves. After finding out that not one but two people are copying my work, I've decided to put Night Songs on hold. Thank you for your support. I will finish it. In the meantime, you can get a teaser here on my site.  

Night Songs

Night Songs Will Return…

I'm exhausted from playing wanna-be jock all weekend. Saturday, I walked a charity 5K. Monday, I hiked 11+ miles on a strenuous trail. I spent Sunday doing the work I'd normally do on Monday for my paying writing clients, so I did not get to update Night Songs. Back next weekend with more adventures!

On Point, Work in Progress Update

On Point, My New Work in Progress Mystery Novel

  “Ice,” the girl panted, leaning over the diner’s green marble countertop. “I need ice -“ “Sorry, lady, we’re closed.” Paul didn’t even bother to stand up. He continued stacking clean glasses under the counter for the morning rush. And with that, an entire story bloomed in my mind’s eye on Sunday night. On Point… Continue reading On Point, My New Work in Progress Mystery Novel